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Anaesthesiology a crucial department at any hospital, with the facility having surgery and other procedures under this department. As the name suggest the facility deals with anaesthesia that doctors’ use in the surgery procedures.

Different procedures use different types of anaesthesia’s and the doctor recommends which one to be used.

What is Anaesthesiology?

Anaesthesia needs to be administrated before being concluded to surgery or any other treatment. The whole idea behind the department is careful administration of anaesthesia which causes lack of sensation partially or completely that comes into use during treatment.

It is the responsibility of the anaesthesiologists at the facility to look after the dosage and the purpose of the medicine.

Types of Anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia - For surgeries that require a longer duration, this anaesthesia is used to provide total lack of sensations. It is used for surgeries like neurosurgery, etc.

Regional Aanaesthesia - Regional anaesthesia as the name suggests is used on only a particular part of the body. For example- For areas like below the abdomen, regional anaesthesia is used as there is no need of using local anaesthesia for the procedure and the patient can be kept awake.

Local Anaesthesia - During shorter surgeries and regional areas local anaesthesia is used where the lack of sensation only lasts for a short period.

Anaesthesiologists They are person who administer the dosage that the patient has to be offered. It is their responsibility to monitor the procedure and the patient during the surgery.

As the responsibility of the patient also lies in the hands of an anaesthesiologists, we at Sree Manju hospital take extra care in making sure all our anaesthesiologists are highly skilled and experienced in administering the doses and the patients.