Emergency Critical Care

Emergency and critical care deal with accidents and emergencies that can arise out of nowhere, and Sree Manju hospital believes in dealing with equal skill and treatment for every situation.

We offer special emergency and critical care for patients in dire need depending on the priority of the emergency situation in need. We believe in fast recovery and treatment with the best care.

At Sree Manju hospitals we have the best emergency and trauma specialists who are equipped to handle all simple to severe emergencies.

In case of patients in need of an extreme treatment, we offer an ICU facility. Our unit offers the best treatments as well as monitoring of the patient till recovery.

The following are the conditions handled by the emergency & critical care unit at Sree Manju Hospital.

  • Road Accidents or Accidents of any kind.
  • Bodily injuries including the head, fractures or any other severe trauma.
  • Cardiac Problems; Heart Attacks, Chest Pains etc. Stroke
  • Severe infections like Pneumonia or sepsis.
  • Any major surgery.
  • An emergency of all kinds.