Sree Manju Hospital is one of the best dialysis centers in Hyderabad. Dialysis is a process by which people with failed kidneys eliminate unwanted waste from the blood. This is done when the kidneys are damaged and cannot function.

It is an artificial process, hence substitutes the work of kidneys. This process is also known as renal replacement therapy.

It is kidneys which regulate the body’s levels of water and other waste. The important products that help in the metabolic process is also produced by the kidneys.

Dialysis can help by only removing the waste not producing products. It is done for people who have lost 80-90 percent of their kidney function.

There are three main ways of doing the dialysis procedure:

  • Intermittent hemodialysis (IHD)
  • Peritoneal dialysis (PD)
  • Continuous renal replacement therapies (CRRT)

The choice will depend on factors such as the patient’s situation, availability, and cost.