General Physician

At Sree Manju Hospital we have the Best General Medicine Doctors in kukatpally for Advanced Treatment. Any general medicine department, also known as internal medicine is a unit dealing in the prevention of many adult diseases and medical problems like diabetes, blood pressure, dengue, malaria, typhoid, pneumonia etc.

General medicine department is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases mentioned above as well as many other problems related to adult diseases.

At Sree Manju Hospitals, the department of General medicine is a complete unit, with physicians’ specialists in the field of internal medicine, while also known as internists. These doctors are also known as general physicians and in the field of general medicine, they are known to be experts in diagnosing, prevention and treating patients with acute and chronic diseases.

On a complete view, they are equipped to handle adult diseases of a broad spectrum. The internal medicine department and its specialists are not restricted to processing only a specific kind of problem or related to one particular organ in the body but have a vast area of knowledge in almost all possible medical fields.