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Anaesthesiology a crucial department at any hospital, with the facility having surgery and other procedures under this department.
The cardiology department at Sree Mnaju hospitals is an excellent example of a flourished hospital.
Dermatology is a branch of medicine that deals with all types of skin, hair & nail problems. The Dermatology department.
Dialysis is a process by which people with failed kidneys eliminate unwanted waste from the blood.
Emergency and critical care deal with accidents and emergencies that can arise out of nowhere, and Sree Manju hospital believes.


Sree Manju hospital offers a team of skilled doctors who have great experience with health related to ear, nose, throat and head.
The gastroenterology department at Sree Manju hospitals is all about research and innovation and the best healthcare.
Any general medicine department, also known as internal medicine is a unit dealing in the prevention of many adult diseases.
The general surgery department at Sree Manju Hospitals deals with pateints and any of their surgical needs.
The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Sree Manju Hospitals provides a wide range of healthcare services.
The nephrology institute at the Sree Manju hospital offers comprehensive nephrology services under one roof.
The Department of Neurology at Sree Manju hospital provides comprehensive consultative services, diagnostic testing.
The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer is called oncology.
People are more inclined to have more facilities under one roof than go to different places for different treatments.
The Department of Lab Medicine at Sree Manju exists with an aim of providing accurate, reproducible medical reports
The department of Neonatology at Sree Manju Hospital is enriched with specialists who are experienced and efficient at their job.
Plastic surgery although foreign years ago, is now a convenient possibility. Even though it was previously considered.
Psychiatrists are the primary caregivers in the area of mental health. These medical professionals treat mental illnesses
Introduction. Cardiology is the study heart conditions. The Consultant with whom you have an appointment is a specialist.
Sree Manju Hospital has a fully functional physiotherapy unit which particularly emphasises.
The Institution of Radiology has more than 30 basic and clinical investigators who participate in research.
Introduction. Cardiology is the study heart conditions. The Consultant with whom you have an appointment is a specialist.